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Business plan writing are offered by Francois as one of his specialities. 

Business Plans should always:

  • Be aimed at a specific user and
  • Be owned by the business owner

Business Plans are often needed by financial institutions, franchisers, landlords or potential investors.

Francois is well qualified to assist people to write their best business plans. The business plan will include start up financials, financial projections including budgeted balance sheets and income statements taken into consideration applicable taxes.

You business plan and financial model should indicate that you will be able to afford the loan. Your projections should however not be too optimistic as potential investors might wonder why you need them in the first place.

The new national credit act of South Africa requires financial institutions to be able to proof that they do not lend out money recklessly. Failure to do so could lead to them not being able to recover debts in a court of law.

This has become the overriding factor of financial institutions when considering the approval of a loan.

For this reason I am hesitant to become involved with business plan writing for individuals or oragnisations who can not immediately display affordability and security. I do no wish to write a business plan for the mere sake of fees where you have no reasonable prospect of obtaining the finance you are applying for.

There are government insitutions which are more willing to lend out money like the Industrial Development Corporation in order for them to pursue their mandate of job creation and black economic empowerment.

Business plans are not only required when looking to borrow money from a financial institution but can also be needed by a potential landlord or a frachise holder.


These people want to know who you are, what your experiences are, who will be running the business, what you will be doing, with what capital you will be doing it.

A well written business plan should communicate these facts clearly.

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