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Bookkeeping services for small business are offered on a monthly or two monthly basis (to perhaps coincide with your VAT return cycle) . I have the capacity to offer one or two small business, monthly bookkeeping services. We can use any accounting software program for your monthly bookkeeping needs, even for very small businesses we can use excel or Google spreadsheets.

I have much experiencing doing bookkeeping for small and large businesses from a variety of industries. In fact it is what I keep myself busy with most of my day. I prefer to use online accounting software like Sage One for monthly bookkeeping because of affordability, the work is always backed up, tax invoices are compliant with the requirements of SARS and because of the possibility to import your bank statements making monthly bookkeeping less time consuming saving you money.

The work can be done at your premises where you will keep your documents for inspection by SARS if needed. I would prefer to do most of the work from home.

I only have the capacity to provide a monthly bookkeeping service to a very select few because of my full time employment. My monthly bookkeeping services should be viewed as senior bookkeeping work. I am well qualified and experienced to handle the bookkeeping of complex transactions.

Bookkeeping should be done accurately and on time to provide management with information, to safeguard the assets of the organisation, to assist and ensure prompt debt collection and or payments of creditors. Bookkeeping should enhance internal controls. It is required by law to keep a record of daily cash sales , income and expenditure in a trade or profession is practiced by a company, trust or individual.




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