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I have been managing a large payroll in Somerset West for the past two years on a weekly and monthly basis. (I started working with payrolls early on in my accounting career going back to 1993 when I started with my accounting articles.)

Managing a paroll is no easy task with complex changes to tax leglisations over the last few years. Being able to accurately calculate your Employee Tax Incentive for example is no easy task. The software developer of a Payroll system which I know wants to swear when he hears about ETI or Employee Tax Incentives. Read more on the SARS website , ETI..

During the last few years software developers have been developing various alternatives to the well know and popular Payroll Solution called Sage VIP.

Before you can start your weekly or monthly payroll you first need to calculate the total hours work or commission due in case of commission staff.

I have been using a combination of Excel and Google spreasheets after we moved the factory and lost our automatic clock in system. We had an outdated clock in system with no reliable ongoing support. For me ongoing support is of utmost importance when considering which payroll package to use. I am most definitely a firm believer of cloud based accounting and payroll systems.

Simple Pay is another popular online cloud based payroll solution.

Fees would be based on the time i would spend in assisting with your weeklyk or monthly payroll. Fees will be quoted before any work will commence. We can discuss whether you require me to complete manage the payroll system or whether you require my services to training someone in using a payroll system or for ad hoc consulting services.

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