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I offer small and medium sized businesses a combined admin and marketing package. I have spent years doing web design and SEO and have also spend years doing accounting and tax work. Search Engines like Google works with Algorithms which is programs designed to bring forth the best logical results. It should therefore not be surprising that accountants can be good web "designers".

Over the years being in the web design industry I have the best graphic designers and business partner in the industry who assist me with graphics. My focus or specialty in the web design industry is to get people results. Website traffic which converts into actual business.

My approach is never only short term. The only way to get immediate results on the short term with a website is to do Google or Facebook advertising.

On the longer term the content of your website should be developed and improved. You should do Facebook marketing the right way if Facebook marketing is an answer for your business. Unless you are into fashion, a made artists or rock star you will probably waste your time on Twitter and Instagram not even to mention waste your money if you pay someone to act on your behalf on these platforms. I have heard of the od exception which I cannot remember right now.

Being web designers we do spend a bit of time on Facebook and we do get a lot of leads from Facebook, especially local (Helderberg) related groups.  Our web design clients are often promoted by us without them even realizing it.

The type of admin and marketing service if offer is more structured, planned and defined from the outset.

There is a huge advantage when your web designer and social media manager fully understands your business. I have to meet my accounting clients in any event , be it for onsite bookkeeping the Vat return, PAYE return, Payroll etc.

Since we are meeting regularly in any event we will also sit down and discuss your actual website traffic / results, plan your Social Media marketing, discuss results and agree on improvements and opportunities. I will understand your value proposition (Key strengths of your business) and promote that via Search Engines and on Social Media.

I prefer planning and discussing exactly what we aim for when I offer my admin and marketing services.

I don’t mind empowering people (my passion in life) to do things themselves after training. Be it doing your own accounting on Sage One or adding content to your website yourself. The admin and marketing package will be custom designed and tweaked to perfection as we get to know each other and discuss actual results and as new needs may arise.

These services can include, but is not limited to:


Business Plan Writing

Cash Flow Forecasting , Budgeted financials (Nice to have these when applying for finance)

Weekly or monthly Payroll

A website

Content writing for your website (Blogging)

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Page creation.

Analysing search results via Google Analytics , Search Console

Discussing Facebook Page insights

At the end of the day we can also measure the cost of acquisition of a new client

Larger businesses in the Helderberg will have their in-house financial manager and or accountant. I speak their language and offer  web design and Social Media marketing services in the language financial people understand : Return on investments.

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