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I specialise in the marketing of accommodation of lodges and guesthouses outside the Kruger National Park. I have created two niche websites for that purposes. One has to be different on the internet if you expect to get results, especially in the toruism industry.

This is an Afrikaans website focused on accommodation inside as well as outside the Kruger National Park.

There is a definite market for Afrikaans on the internet and the success of websites like Lekkeslaap attest to the fact. While Traveround (Pty) Ltd who owns and operates Lekkerslaap employs many people, have invested probably millions in their website development and carry many overheads I work on my own, from the graphic design, blog writing and marketing.

Search terms on page 1

Google does not lie. You can test my statements and search for search terns like "Krugerwildtuin akkommodasie" / "Krugerwildtuin verblyf" / "Verblyf buite Krugerwildtuin" etc and you will view my website.

The website is also backed by an active Facebook Page



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