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I assist accommodation establishments in Komatipoort to market their accommodation via an Afrikaans tourism website I created 10 years ago namely .

This website focuses on accommodation options inside as well as outside the Kruger National Park (in towns such as Komatipoort).

You can test the website effectiveness by searching for search terms such as "Krugerwildtuin + akkommodasie" or "Akkommodasie buite die Krugerwildtuin".

Here is the specific section I created for Komatipoort:

Your advertisement will link to a mini website in Afrikaans within

The cost for a five year advertisement is R900, once off.

Because i run the website on my own, have little overheads and do the marketing myself I can offer such very affordable advertising rates.

The low advertising fee is also a way to ensure that we get the numbers to ensure long term success via search engines like Google. The benefit for advertisers are that they get direct bookings without expensive commissions.

Your mini website includes a link to your own website, if you have one which will enhance your own website's SEO .

If you do not have a website we can assist with that as well.

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