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I assist reputed businesses, providing Marloth Park Property owners and guests with services, with their marketing efforts:

Typical services providers include builders, architects, electricians, plumbers, splash pool builders, and safari operators.

Business directory on the website .

R1,800 once off gives you a lifetime listing. A listing entails getting a mini website on the website. View the business directory for examples.

This listing includes your direct contact details as well as a link from the business directory to your website, benefiting your websites SEO. (Quality backlinks enhance a website's rankings on search engines)

The website is established and is being found regularly by search engines as I keep the focus on Marloth Park, blog from time to time on Marloth Park issues, especially property-related matters.

Social Media Marketing

I am the sole admin of the Facebook group called Marloth Park Property Only . I strictly keep matters property related, limited to Marloth Park making it a useful online community where people don't get irritated with irrelevant adverts. I am also a member of various other Facebook Groups related to Marloth Park like Marloth Park Marketing. Being a web designer I spend a lot of time online daily and visit these groups to promote the businesses who advertise on the business directory.

Effective affordable web design

Not everybody can afford expensive websites. I offer web design services starting from R2,500 for an unlimited pages website. Average price R4,500 Even if you have a website i can market your services via the business directory and Facebook as detailed above.

See another example / detail on my recent blog .


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