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We do web design for self catering holiday homes in South Africa. In some places in South Africa we have niche tourism websites , assisting our clients to generate traffic. The advantages of having a website for your self catering holiday home is that it saves you time when doing marketing on Facebook by just having to post 1 link.

Because there is only only so much to say about a self catering holiday home and because generally the designs are quick and easy we charge a special web design price of R2,500 once off for owners of self catering holiday homes.

Our websites come with built in booking calendars making it easy to manage your bookings. It also makes it easier for potential holiday tenants to see if there is space available.

You can also link to various payment gateways and receive credit card payments.

Some examples:             (See the booking calendar in action)

The monthly cost is R165 whilst the domain registration is R200, renewed annually at R200 - Linked to CPI

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