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I am a business broker servicing the Overberg and Helderberg. I can summarise my value added proposition as a business broker as follows:

1.) Confidentiality

The level of required confidentiality will be discussed beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding and potential unhappiness. 

2.) Realistic market values

We will upfront agree on a realistic market value for your business. Your business valuation must be substantiated by a realistic expectation of future cash flows else I will not get involved.

3.) In-house finance applications

Time is nobodies friend (unless the very wealthy) . I can assist potential buyers with a business plan and finance application to get the deal done. My business plans are complete and will include financial modeling and cash flow forecasts.

4.) Helderberg and Overberg business network

By doing business as a web designer and an accountant in the Helderberg and the Overberg I have built up a considerable network of businessmen. The potential buyer or seller of the business might already be known to me.

5.) Honesty and Integrity

There is a reason I trade under my own personal name and why I even have a picture of myself on my website. Honesty and Integrity comes without saying. All my dealings are done with honesty and integrity.

6.) Ongoing support services

My customers become my friends. I always look to establish long term relationships with clients and business associates. I can offer ongoing support services such as web design, accounting, SEO and Social Media marketing.

7.) Qualified and experienced

I first started doing business broking in 1997 when I registered The Pretoria Business Exchange. I obtained a B-Compt degree and completed my accounting articles in 1997/8. I have been actively involved in financial management and marketing ever since.

8.) Fair commissions

Doing business broking the right way is time consuming and requires a special skill. By default my standard commission is 10% but never below 7%. If that is a dealbreaker then we are strating off the right way by not engaging at all.

9.) Effective marketing

Being a web designer has taught me to sell, how the Internet and Internet marketing works. You found me , now let me find you a buyer!

10.) Quick turnaround time

By being realisting with your price, having information ready for sale and by following the right marketing strategy we can get a quick turnaround time for the selling/buying of your business.

I hope to become the preferred choice business broker for the Helderberg and Overberg!


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