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We assist people in Kleinmond and surrounds to market their businesses in the following manner:

Business Websites

We have a special on our R4,000 package – offered at the reduce price of R2,500 for Kleinmond and surrounds. We offer this Kleinmond web design special because we do not need to travel as far as the Helderberg where we do most of our web design work.

The areas where this Kleinmond web design special applies includes Hermanus, Betty’s Bay, Rooi Els and Pringle Bay.

For R2,500 you get an unlimited pages website with super user friendly CMS . (Content Management System.) We also offer training on our CMS or we will do the updates for you. (Up to 3 small changes for free per month.) We use software from Kwikwap which offers hosting at R165 per month.

Web design is our main business but we also offer the following services and marketing options:

Listing on

Late during 2018 we started with the Afrikaans website which will cover the A-Z of Kleinmond and surrounds with a specific focus on what would be relative to the Holidaymaker to the area. So the idea is that the website has a feel good feel to it and covers Tourist attractions.

All businesses are offered a free listing for 2019 to get the website started and thereafter an annual fee of R200 will be applicable.

The website will primarily be in Afrikaans to target the same nice market that websites such as Lekkeslaap targets. There is a definite market for Afrikaans websites on the Internet.

We will keep the fee as low as possible to ensure we get maximum listings and therefore are successful on the Internet via Google searches. For us it is a great way to meet new web design clients or accounting clients for that matter.

For accommodation establishments we offer the opportunity to market their accommodation at a 10% of booking fee instead of the R200 listing fee.

Facebook marketing

While we rely on SEO to market the website we will also share the website on Facebook where we spend time looking for web design clients. People often go onto groups on Facebook and ask where can I find this or that. That is when we share our website and promote our advertisers. That way we introduce our website to the wider public in a non intrusive manner. It is nice to know that you have someone covering your back on Facebook wile you might not be online.

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