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Elixer Live Support is available by qualified accountants and financial managers. Elixir Live is a Medical Practice Billing and Management Application that enables seamless medical practice management. We offer Elixir Live Support from basic application support to full Medical Practise Financial Management support.

Key benefits of using Elixir Live include:

  • The feature-rich diary becomes the backbone of your medical practice where you and your staff can accurately book appointments
  • You can immediately see outstanding balances
  • Easily add new patients, files and information
  • Perform real-time medical aid membership validation as well as benefit checking
  • Enables accurate billing and payment allocation
  • Bulk Email and SMS reminder system, all from one tab
  • Easily move between different functions, a truly user-friendly system
  • Inventory system included
  • At month end effective reporting and analytics makes reviewing, tracking and understanding your medical practice a painless process
  • Powerful follow-up manager allows customizing and optimizing your credit control
  • Secure cloud-based environment
  • The Medical Practice Management Application can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Appointments are viewable on a mobile device

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