South African Business Opportunities after Covid 19

Every crisis brings opportunities. Currently, we are on day 10 or so of Lockdown in South Africa and we can already see some people creating new opportunities. Some people are producing masks and hand sanitizer. Other people are offering grocery shopping or grocery delivery services. People are getting online tools to offer services such as teaching. We have been using Zoom and Skype for quite some time already to teach people how to manage their websites or how to process their transactions in Sage One.

Nobody knows how long this lockdown will continue. What we do know is that governments the world over are forcing people to stay at home, spending money on fighting the Corona Virus pandemic and that Moody's has downgraded South Africa to sub-investment grade (junk status). The SARB had to step in and buy Government Bonds because the banks were unwilling to buy enough to keep liquidity in the bond market. 

....Rest to follow

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