Training for freelance digital advertising sales representatives

If you are an experienced digital advertising sales representative you will probably find this extremely boring but nevertheless…

I work from anywhere in the world (currently Kleinmond in the Western Cape). You will find a lot of details on all that I do on this website.

I own a few Afrikaans websites which focuses on accommodation. The reason I chose to do the websites in Afrikaans is to be different than the rest. There are a few other websites doing things similarly to what I am doing. What makes me stand out ( and this is important to understand ) is that I am established and already on Page 1 of Google and that my rates are probably the best. I can offer the best rates because I do all the work myself. There are fancier websites and companies that do what I do but that often charge extremely high commissions.

The people that you will be targeting understand the internet side of things very well. If they don’t see the website on page 1 of Google they will not advertise. I have and will continue to focus on keeping the websites there. Some are not there yet and needs more work before they are ready to sell. The website is ready so to keep everybody’s cash flow going we will focus on that large area.

You can sell digital advertisements by phoning people, messaging them via Facebook or by visiting them. You can even use snail mail of you prefer. I have been let down before so I am not giving anyone exclusivity to an area. I will rather start a new website which focuses on a specific area.

It is not difficult at all to get to page 1 for these types of websites once you have added a couple of properties and the website get indexed by Google. It’s not possible to pull the wool over the eyes of potential advertisers as they too have access to Google. They already know that their individual website will not easily be featured on page 1 so they turn to list their business on websites such as AIRBNB and websites like Lekkerslaap.

Most people who have listed with Lekkerslaap would have gotten business trough that website (and paid commissions) so they will know that Afrikaans works on the internet.

Nobody can do everything on their own so I have decided to get freelance digital sales representatives. To finance this I have increased the advertising rate by 100%. Of the R1,800 you get 50% once the money reflects in my bank account.

You will phone someone and simply ask them:

Hi! It is Sandy speaking. Is it convenient to talk? “Yes” . I am phoning on behalf of Francois Marais who owns the website . The website is on page 1 of Google and we are offering lifetime advertisements on the website for R1,800.

You do not need to do more than that. If you are not comfortable we will close the deal from our side. We take information from guesthouses and lodges websites and or Facebook pages and create a mini website on the website .

This is not complicated at all. These Guesthouse and Lodge Owners know they have to advertise on websites such as Krugerwildtuin. Some prefer to pay commission only but after a while they realise that it gets expensive. January is a good time for us as the season is over and we are now entering a more quite period.

We do the work and once the client is happy send the invoice and get paid. Once the money reflects you get paid. This is ideal for someone who has internet access and spend a lot of time on Facebook in any event.

We offer the same deal for people selling websites this way. We charge between R2,500 and R6,000 for a website. What makes us stand out from the rest (what you need to know about us in order to believe in what you are selling can be found by using Google. (Google Buddy Web Design Value Proposition)


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