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Our main business is that of web design. See

We pay 50% commission to people selling websites or advertisements for us. To know what unique selling points we have regarding our web design services please Google: “Buddy Web Design Value Proposition” .

We have the following websites where we sell mini websites: (Afrikaans website on Simonstown Accommodation) ( Tradesmen Directory for Southern Peninsula) (Afrikaans website on Helderberg Accommodation) (Tradesmen Directory for Helderberg) ( Accommodation etc on Marloth Park) (Accommodation in and outside Kruger National Park) (Accommodation etc website on Kleinmond)

The websites have different advertising rates because of the popularity / page rank it has on Google. The more people advertise the better we will do on search results.

We now offer a once off listing fee in exchange for a lifetime advert on mentioned websites. I still have to change this pricing on some of these websites.

The website which is the most ready to market is .

The value proposition we offer includes:

  • The website is already on page 1 of Google ( Krugerwildtuin + Akkommodasie etc)
  • You only pay once for a lifetime advert (The website was strated 10 years ago)
  • We do the translation for clients
  • The website is backed by a Social Media page
  • We write interesting blogs about Kruger
  • Besides being found by Afrikaans people the website is also found by Dutch and Belgium people
  • No commission. People can book direct and save
  • Clients get a link to their own website, boosting their websites SEO

Popular website which charges an advertising fee often charges these fees on an annual basis. We offer these low and affordable rates because we do all the work ourselves. We don’t put on information like rates of clients which often changes.

It is easy to sell adverts on a website like . People who own lodges, self catering holiday homes and Guest Houses know that they have to advertise on other websites to get business. In places like Marloth Park, adjacent to the Kruger National Park, there are many self catering holiday homes. A visit to a website like Lekkeslaap will show 400 + listings. A lot of these holiday home owners do not have their own websites and  rely heavily on Facebook to market their businesses. There are specialised groups on Facebook for Marloth Park where one can get many leads on a daily basis.

For single establishment Holiday Home owners in Marloth Park we offer a website at R2,500. They then get a free listing on and . We share this fee with our freelance sales agents.

Other websites where we have followed the same strategy of using Afrikaans are , and , the latter which is the youngest and needs the most work.

In order for these website to get to page 1 of Google you first need a few listings so the first few listings to get the website going is offered at very low rates. The lifetime adverts on both and is offered at R1,800.

www.simonstad is offered at R1,000 and is offered at R500 until we get the websites to page 1 of Google.

You can sell these adverts by visiting people, sending them messages via Facebook or by calling them telephonically. People advertising their businesses on Facebook are at the moment busy with a marketing exercise and would be open to offers for help with their advertising.

Websites and their individual pages get indexed over time by search engines such as Google where what you post on Facebook quickly filters down to the bottom never to be seen again.

Lifetime adverts on and are now selling at R900. These prices will increase as we list more people and the popularity of these websites grow.

Remember all these Tradesmen and Holiday Home owners might also be in the market for a website. The same principle then applies. R2,500 for a website plus free listings on the Tradesmen directories. Monthly hosting fees for the website is R180. New domain registrations are R200, renewed annually at R150.

Our websites comes with unlimited pages and they are easy to be managed by business owners. Please do Google “Buddy Web Designs Value Proposition”.

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