Helderberg Business Broker

Based in the Helderberg I also am a business broker. Being a web designer, actively marketing my web design services I meet a lot of people.

Because I meet a lot of businesses while selling web design services and because I am also an accountant I am well qualified to be a business broker.

I first started marketing business fro sale in 1997 when i registered Die Pretoria Sakebeurs (Edms.) Bpk. That company is no longer active.

The first business I tried to sell was filling stations. I was inundated with interviews by portential buyers with zero capital. By the tenth wasted interview I became really fed up. 

If you want to start a business broking business and you will be happy with your phone constantly ringing then i suggest you advertise a filling station for sale. It is becaus the predictability of the income stream of a filling station is easier than most other businesses that filling stations are generally sold at a premium.

Selling businesses as a business broker takes time. Time which I do not have so i focus on my accounting and web design businesses while only getting involved with businesses which is priced right and being sold for the right reasons.

For specific reasons i will set up a separate website to market the businesses for sale. I will also share this website with associates to benefit from network marketing.


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