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The writing of business plans are one of the services I offer and one of the main reasons why I initially created this website. Besides enjoying doing business plans, it makes sense while being in full time employment , to focus on this kind of rewarding part-time work. (Business Plans are generally not cheap because it involves a lot of hours and not just any hours but skilled hours.) I am not positioned to offer payroll and bookkeeping services on a part time basis unless it fits someone who requires a senior person who is willing to pay top rates for my Saturday time. Business plans are another story.

I will spend more time blogging and discussing business plans on this websites as what you put into a website is generally what you get out of it. When studying my website you will notice that in recent days I have drastically altered the direction of the website. I have started to do some personal blogging, and even my first blog in Afrikaans. The topics are varied. The reason is that I enjoy writing and I have decided to sharpen my pencils to see If I perhaps can shape a career out of it.

(Not if I am not already both an accountant and a web designer, two occupations which seems miles apart, apart from being full time employed as a Financial Manager. All these other occupations are possible full time occupations. It took me two years to regain my confidence in being an accountant dealing with tax and SARS issues for my employer. It would be stupid for me to once again forego this skill by say only do web design.)

Like for most other small business owners my time is a limited resource and it is fair to say equates to money. In the world of SEO and advertising the only way to guarantee traffic to your website is to spend money on Google Ads or to spend time on creating content for your website. I would like to assist you to develop a profitable Kwikwap consultancy within your print and copy shop.

This “business plan” is written with a specific person in mind, an owner of a nearby print and copy shop.

I am setting out the road ahead , planning on how to develop this business within an existing business in this blog entry. In doing so I will have created a standard roadmap to be passed on to other print and copy shops. I might even be lucky and find someone who contact me in the future via search engines because I have published this proposal on my website.

Developing a web design business in your print and copy shop

I might come over as just too nice or too keen to get this business going inside your print and copy shop and you might wonder why I am so excited about the prospect that you will be excused for having reservations about my intentions.

Let me explain:

I started selling websites for Kwikwap as a Kwikwap consultant in 2007. With my financial degree I started out by carrying my laptop, doing cold calling in the streets of Pretoria. Not only Pretoria but also Louis Trichardt as well as Hermanus.

This business of web design is all about marketing and sales, being at the right place at the right time. A print and copy shop is one of the best places to be to get hot leads from the low hanging fruit. Low hanging fruit in our industry is the small business owner like a plumber, dentist, broker who needs a small but effective website. We do not target large companies who often have in-house marketing departments and designers. We do not sell R10 K Websites but R4k websites. The market is huge which is why I am not scared to create competition on my doorstep.

I have found that the strategy of working with a print and copy shop is probably one of the best marketing strategies for a web designer. You can ask Epila Signs in Pretoria for a reference. They still have a website from Kwikwap which I designed for them many years ago.

It does not take a lot of brain power to figure out when people walk into your shop asking for a business card or flyer to be printed with a Gmail account that you are dealing with low hanging fruit. A small business busy with marketing expenses.

The reason I am starting off with sponsoring your website for your print and copy shop is so that you can get results and believe in the product to be sold in your shop. You need to understand the search environment. (How Google works)

Who are we? How does this business work?

Melanie and I own a Kwikwap Franchise. The business model requires that we recruit Kwikwap sales consultants all over South Africa and train them so that they can design and sell websites in order for us to earn recurring revenue from the monthly hosting fees. You will see the contact details for Kwikwap Franchise holders on the Kwikwap contact us page.

We pay a monthly royalty to the Kwikwap Head Office. That is besides the initial License fees we paid to acquire our License.

Our net share in hosting fees per website is R75 per month. We require volumes to run our business the intended way. For now we as License holders continue to also sell websites ourselves.

The monies

Initial fees for your Kwikwap consultancy and for clients:

 We do not require an upfront payment but choose to share the revenue of at least the first three businesses which you bring to the table. The idea is that we train you with your first three clients. If you need more experience then we can extend this arrangement. Clients pay R4,000 per website initially and thereafter R165 monthly for the use of the software and hosting fees. They also pay R200 for new domain registrations and R165 for the transfer or pointing of a domain.

Our value proposition (That which sets us apart from the rest)

Please study the value proposition of Buddy Web Design found on their blog. (Just Google “Buddy Web Design + Value proposition”) . I could place a link here but I am currently offline.

As you will experience yourself:

Kwikwap is user friendly

Some people only need a few minutes of training where after they can update the content of their websites without the help of a skilled webmaster.

Kwikwap is affordable

Our business model focuses on the building up of a recurring revenue stream via hosting and software rental fees. We therefore ask low initial fees. For clients they have the added benefit of our long term interests being aligned with their long term needs of being successful on the net.

We offer ongoing support

Ongoing support is critical in the world of web design and software. Kwikwap have been around for many years, having built thousands of websites and servicing thousands of clients in South Africa. As a company, no other web design company builds more websites than we do. We do not only provide the software but provide personal ongoing support. As a Kwikwap Consultant you and your clients will get ongoing support from us and if needed from the Kwikwap Head Office. Regular training sessions are offered in South Africa, both for consultants and clients.

Please note:

In order to qualify to receive your monthly revenue you need to sell at least one website per month. You also need to be willing and able to offer telephonic support after the first initial few in person training sessions.

The real exciting part / vision

Many years ago I started dreaming of setting up Kwikwap walk-in service centers in places exactly like your business. Kwikwap is a growing brand in the digital market place for small business owners looking for an affordable solution to their marketing needs via a website.

If you learn the software well and become able to offer assistance to Kwikwap clients then you could be registered as a Kwikwap walk-in service centre. You will have small business owners coming to your shop for 30 minutes or an hour , for which they will be willing to pay to help them with perhaps a new design, business cards, logo’s, photography, website copy writing or perhaps with the simple request to assist in adding content to their websites.

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